Owner: Chrispien Mancino


 Expecting someone in a suit? I am sorry that I got your hopes up. My name is Chrispien Mancino. Born and raised in Ohio moved to Vegas when I was 14. Got married to my wife Ayane (The beautiful women in the photo) just over a year ago. Best thing to ever happen to me.

 I made “Blue Sky Advertisement LLC” back in 2020 when “Corona” started up. The reason for me starting up the business is I was working at a Pawn Shop when I had to return back to the states (I was living in Japan). The owner of the Pawn Shop was paying massive amounts for advertising, but wasn’t getting the results that he would had liked at the time. After I started my Google Ads journey I ended up within a 3 month period, we ended up increasing the loan base by almost double.

 That’s when I fell in love with the numbers game. Since then, I have been hooked. I love helping other businesses sky rocket their revenue. I believe business is not about “money” its about “relationship building”. If there is no you there is no me type thing. Trust me money does make live a hell of a lot easier. I used to play a ton of video games, but ever since I started doing web design I pretty much completely stopped. I get a lot of joy from creating websites (Except for fixing margins or padding lol). 

Chrispien Mancino – Owner, Web Designer, Google Ads and SEO Specialist

Ayane Mancino – Web Designer, Icon & Gif Creation, Children’s Book https://ayanemitsuoka.com/

I look forward to us working together!

Copy Writer: Benjamin Shriver

Ben Shriver Copy Writer Blue Sky Advertisement

Hello there, I am Blue Sky Advertisement Agencies Blog writer Benjamin Shriver. 

I tell my friends and family I’m an agent, though that’s just a jest. I previously worked in the service industry as a cook and for a brief period even as an Executive Chef. I decided to listen to society that’s a job for kids out of high school. Not grown men trying to live their lives and it made sense. My bosses would have consistent weekends off, nights off, and holidays off. While I would endlessly toil for their fruits. Barely surviving myself.

I decided to take a leap of faith into a new career and was caught by a lifelong brother from another mother Chrispien. He knew I needed better, and has given me a new set of skills to achieve higher aims in life.

 I’m still relatively new to professional writing, but not writing in general. I won a poetry contest when I was in fourth grade and got published in the Young American Poets Society on a lame diamond poem I did about a penguin. I’ve been writing in journals and like to be a pocket therapist for my friends so writing in extensive volumes isn’t new to me, and my hands didn’t grow to lunchbox sizes due to heavy labor unlike most my age, so my fingers still glide across my keyboards like Kristi Yamaguchi in the 1992 Olympics. With every post, I learn more, and thanks to someone who teaches me how to be better without treating me like a dog I’ve been able to grow my skills in writing blogs with a meteoric rise of style and grace. 

I’m 30 years old and have been conscious of my life since the ripe age of 1 year and 2 months. I even potty trained myself due to the disdain I had for my own stench. My mother helped me learn how to read by 2, and by 4 I was proficient enough to recite what I was reading in detail. That didn’t mean I wasn’t stupid though haha