PPC Management for Service Companies

More leads for your service or SaaS business with unmatched PPC management

More Leads for Your Service Business or SaaS Company

Our PPC management services are tailored to attract more leads for your service business or SaaS company by targeting your ideal customers. We create and optimize effective PPC campaigns across search, display, YouTube, and other platforms to capture attention and drive high-quality traffic to your site.

Our data-driven approach ensures that every click is valuable, maximizing your ad spend, meeting your ROI, and increasing conversion rates. We continuously monitor and refine your campaigns for optimal performance, turning leads into loyal customers.

PPC Platforms We Skyrocket Your Ad Budget On!

Linkedin Ads

Connect with professionals through precision-targeted LinkedIn ads. Enhance your B2B Marketing efforts by turning valuable clicks into high-quality leads to grow your business.

Facebook Ads

Engage and convert your audience with highly targeted Facebook ads. Turn clicks into customers with our strategies for driving more leads and increasing your brand’s presence on social media.

Google Ads Gif

Google Ads Management

Dominate search results and reach your target audience with expertly managed Google Ads campaigns. We maximize your ROI by targeting the right keywords and optimizing your ads for peak performance.

MER Focused PPC Ad Campaigns to Get Your Business More Leads

Get more leads with our MER-focused PPC ad campaigns, tailored to grow your service-based business. We optimize your ads to ensure you get the most out of your budget. Watch your business thrive with more high-quality leads coming your way by using Blue Sky Advertisement!

Tailored Campaigns

Budget Optimization

High-Quality Leads

Data-Driven Results

See What Our Clients Have to Say

“I went from getting 2 to 3 leads a month to getting over 35 leads a month with Blue Sky within 2 1/2 months!”

David - Franky's Excavation

“Chrispien at Blue Sky Advertisement almost tripled our form leads per month with SEO and PPC within 3 Months”

Ephraim - Tactical Logistics

“I have been working with Chris for over 4 years and the foot traffic to our and loan base has quadrupled”

Anthony - John's Pawn Shop

Manage Your PPC Ads to Drive More Leads

Simplify your PPC management and watch your leads grow. Our streamlined approach makes it easy to drive high-quality traffic to your service-based business. Experience effortless growth with campaigns designed to maximize your ad returns.


Maximize your visibility on search engines with our expertly managed search ads, driving high-quality leads directly to your website.

Local Service Ads

Engage potential customers with targeted YouTube ads, boosting your brand awareness and generating more leads through captivating video content.

Display Ads

Expand your reach with visually appealing display ads that capture attention and drive traffic to your site, converting visitors into leads.


Harness the power of Performance Max campaigns to optimize your ad performance across all Google channels, ensuring a steady flow of high-converting leads.

App Ads

Promote your app effectively with targeted app ads, increasing downloads and user engagement, leading to more qualified leads.

Phone Call Ads

Directly connect with potential customers through phone call ads, facilitating immediate communication and increasing your lead generation efforts.


Start Your PPC Campaign on the Right Foot


Create or Audit

Launch with confidence as we create powerful new ads or audit your current ones on Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn.


Bottom or Low Funnel

Target those ready to convert with our focused bottom or low funnel strategies.


Set Optimal Targeting

Reach the perfect audience every time with our expert targeting settings.


Get More Leads

Watch your leads soar and business grow with our high-performing ad campaigns.

We Get Our Digital Marketing Clients Amazing Results

Google Ads


Conversion Rate

Phone Calls


Phone Call Leads

GMB (Local)


Online Leads



Organic Traffic

We have helped over 50+ businesses achieve 2000+ leads

Blue Sky Advertisement has helped us grown our business and increase our revenue over 3x within 4 months.
Client Photo
Anthony Bock
John's Pawn Shop

PPC Management Pricing Based on Your Needs

Affordable PPC management designed for Sass, local businesses, and even companies looking to grow globally!

PPC Management

Starting at $450 per month

Full Digital Marketing

Starting at $1500 a month

FAQs About Our PPC Management

We analyze performance data and adjust budget allocation dynamically to ensure the highest ROI, prioritizing platforms and campaigns that deliver the best results.

We use a combination of negative keywords, ad scheduling, bid adjustments, and continuous ad copy testing to lower CPC and increase cost efficiency.

We set up conversion tracking through tools like Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel, measuring key actions such as form submissions, purchases, and sign-ups to evaluate campaign success. We combine the CRM and a Thank You Page for form submits to track everything precisely. 

We create tailored ad creatives including text ads for Google, visual and video ads for Facebook, and professional ads for LinkedIn, ensuring each ad format is optimized for its platform.

At Blue Sky Advertisement use GoHighLevel as a CRM. 

We provide detailed performance reports on a bi-weekly basis, with regular updates and insights to keep you informed about your campaign’s progress and areas for improvement. You can also check the CRM whenever you would like to see the data.

Absolutely, we can create and manage seasonal or promotional PPC campaigns to capitalize on specific events, holidays, or sales periods, driving increased traffic and conversions during these times.

We conduct thorough keyword research using tools like Google Keyword Planner and competitor analysis to identify the most relevant and high-performing keywords for your business.

Our Facebook Ads targeting leverages detailed audience insights, including demographics, interests, and behaviors, to ensure your ads reach the most relevant potential customers.

LinkedIn Ads are perfect for B2B companies as they allow precise targeting of professionals based on job title, industry, company size, and more, connecting you with key decision-makers.

Payment Question

Our billing is done on a monthly basis, with contracts outlining specific deliverables and payment terms. We offer different packages depending on the scope of services, which can be customized to fit your budget and needs.

We accept Zelle, Venmo, or ACH payments.

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