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The Importance of Location Targeting in Google Ads and Strategies to Save You Money

Table of Contents

    Table of Contents

    The Importance of Location Targeting In Google Ads and Strategies to Save You Money

    The importance of location targeting in Google Ads Blue Sky Advertisement

    Location targeting, a crucial feature within Google Ads, provides businesses the ability to connect with audiences in specific geographic areas. This nuanced approach to advertising offers both enhanced relevance and efficiency. Let’s dive deeper into this subject. 

    Here are the reasons location targeting is important in Google Ads:

    1. Relying on only Google Ads algorithm to get the right traffic in specific areas is a waste of money

    2. A lot of money can be wasted if you do not track which specific area codes, counties, or pinned locations are not giving you conversions.

    3. Increasing bids in high converting areas and decreasing bids in low converting areas will help you increase your ROI and remove money wasting dead ends in your Google Ads campaign.

    What is Location Targeting in Google Ads?

    Location targeting, or geotargeting, that allows advertisers to direct their advertisements to users in particular geographic locations. It enables a more focused and tailored advertising strategy.

    Location Targeting Options

    Target by Country or Region: Businesses looking to market on a national or regional level can choose to target entire countries or specific regions. This broad targeting can be useful for widespread campaigns.

    City or Postal Code Targeting: For more localized efforts, advertisers can pinpoint specific cities or postal codes. This is particularly helpful for local businesses or promotions centered around particular urban areas.

    Radius or Pin Mode Targeting: By selecting a distance radius around a physical location (such as a store or office), businesses can target potential customers within a specific proximity. This is perfect for local businesses wanting to attract nearby customers.

    Location Extensions: Advertisers can also utilize location extensions to provide potential customers with physical addresses, helping them find local stores or offices. This gives you a better CTR(Click-through-rate) that will reduce your CPC (Cost-per-click). 

    Note: “Just because your CPC reduces does not mean your cost-per-conversion will go down.”-Blue Sky Advertisement

    Why You Should Care About Location Targeting In Google Ads

    Location targeting isn’t just a tool; it’s a strategy that can fundamentally change how your ads perform. Using the follow can help you save a lot of money with your Google Ads Campaign.

    Relevance: Ads that are relevant to a user’s location are more likely to resonate. For instance, advertising winter coats to users in colder regions can enhance click-through rates.

    Cost-Effectiveness: Avoid spending money on displaying ads in locations where your services or products aren’t available and not turning into conversions. This targeted approach ensures every click has a higher potential to convert.

    Localized Content: Design ads that reflect local culture, events, or needs. A local approach often fosters a deeper connection with the audience.

    Not every location is equal in google ads Blue Sky Advertisement

    Not Every Location is Equal

    Different locations yield different results. Analyzing and understanding these variations is key to a successful advertising campaign.

    Analyze Performance: Tools within Google Ads help advertisers monitor performance across different locations, uncovering areas that drive more conversions or engagement.

    Adjust Strategies: Shift your budget or focus based on location performance by increasing or decreasing the bid % in certain locations . This dynamic approach helps in maximizing the returns on investment (ROI).

    Location Bid Adjustments

    Fine-tuning your bids for different locations can significantly impact your ad performance.

    Increase Bids in High-Performing Areas: If a specific location is seeing great success, increasing your bid may further enhance visibility and results.

    Decrease Bids in Low-Performing Areas: Reduce your spending in areas that aren’t meeting your goals, thus allocating your budget more wisely.

    You will find the location bid adjust area in your Google Ads account by following these steps:

    1. Log into your Google Ads account
    2. Click on the main campaign you want to change the location bids at.
    3. Click the “Show More” option in the grey sidebar.
    4. Click “Locations” and this screen below should show up.
    Google Ads Location Bid Adjustment Example Blue Sky Advertisement

    Strategies On How To Exclude Unwanted Locations in Google Ads

    Exclusion is as vital as inclusion in a location-based strategy.

    Identify Unwanted Locations: Through regular analysis, pinpoint areas that are not contributing positively to your campaign.

    Use the Exclusion Feature: Implement exclusions to prevent your ads from showing in those identified areas.

    Monitor and Adjust: Continuously review and update your exclusions, ensuring that your strategy aligns with changing business goals or market trends.

    Exclude Areas Around Your Targeted Location Areas: Google’s location targeting is not perfect, so giving the system more help by excluding areas you don’t serve is ideal for the success of your Google Ads campaign.

    Here at Blue Sky Advertisement we are a Digital Marketing that has been doing Google Ads Management for over 4+ years and from our experience we have seen countless times where our ads will show up outside the targeted location area even with us only using the targeted location setting “Presence”. Its better to be proactive than reactive with your Google Ads account. It is your money on the line. 

    Exclude Areas Around Your Targeted Location Areas Google Ads Blue Sky Advertisement

    Our Final Thoughts On Location Targeting

    The importance of location targeting in Google Ads extends beyond mere geographical focus. It’s a sophisticated and adaptable strategy that resonates with the local audience, enhances cost-efficiency, and allows for refined, dynamic advertising efforts. By embracing the various features and analytical tools within Google Ads related to location targeting, businesses can create more impactful and resonating campaigns that align with their unique goals and the needs of their audience. Whether you’re a global brand or a local shop, leveraging location targeting in Google Ads is a step towards advertising success.

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