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Why You Should List All Your Services on Google My Business

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    Why You Should List All Your Services On Your GMB Account (Google My Business)

    Why You Should List All Your Services On Your GMB Account (Google My Business) Blue Sky Advertisement

    Google My Business (GMB) profiles have become essential for local SEO. Optimizing your GMB listing is a proven way to drive more visibility and traffic from searches. One key strategy is to fully leverage the services section by listing all services your business offers.

    Listing all your services on Google My Business, even niche offerings, increases discoverability across more searches. More services equal more chances of ranking, driving targeted traffic from broader keywords. Completely filled-out services showcase expertise.

    Location targeting, or geotargeting, allows advertisers to direct their advertisements to users in particular geographic locations. It enables a more focused and tailored advertising strategy. Please consider that 40-45% of people when looking for a service use Google Maps, which means Local SEO should be one of your main focuses when trying to get more clients.

    Table of Contents

    Benefits of Listing All Your Services

    Listing all your services on GMB provides several advantages:

    • Increased Discoverability for More Searches: The services you list become tags that Google uses to match your business to relevant searches. More services equal more chances of your GMB profile appearing in results for potential customers.
    • Shows Breadth of Expertise: A fully fleshed-out services menu displays the breadth and depth of what your business provides. This builds trust and credibility with visitors.
    • Gain Visibility for Niche Offerings: Don’t just list your most popular services. Niche offerings can rank well for specific long-tail searches, driving targeted traffic.
    • Additional Review Opportunities: Each service listed allows customers to leave reviews specifically about that service. More reviews lead to higher local rankings.

    Optimizing Your Google My Business Services

    Follow these tips to make the most of your GMB services:

    Audit Services for Accuracy: Make sure all listed services accurately reflect what your business currently provides. Remove outdated or unused services.

    Include Primary and Supplemental Offering: Don’t just list your core services. Include supplemental or secondary services as well. This shows the full range available.

    Add Details Like Pricing and FAQs: Enhance each service page by including pricing, features, FAQs, and other details. This helps inform potential customers.

    Use Targeted Keywords: Incorporate relevant keywords naturally into service names and descriptions. This helps Google connect searches to services. 

    Monitoring Performance by Service

    Google provides data on how each service is performing. Make use of this to optimize:

    • Check services driving the most clicks and calls. Double down on promoting these.

    • Identify underperforming services. Consider modifying names/descriptions or stopping low-value services.

    • See which services customers engage with most. Prioritize enhancing these listing pages.

    GMB services allow granular tracking to see what’s working. Analyze the data to guide optimization efforts.

    Conclusion For Listing Your GMB Services

    Listing all the services your business offers is an easy way to boost your Google My Business SEO. More services equal more discoverability and traffic. Be thorough in adding services, incorporate keywords, and monitor performance at the service level to maximize results.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    There is no definite limit, but aim for 10-20+ services if possible. The more relevant services the better for visibility.

    Only include active services that customers are seeking. Avoid padding your profile with unused or irrelevant services as that can hurt relevance.

    Audit your services at least every 6 months to remove outdated offerings and add new services. Ongoing optimization is key.

    No, have one unified GMB profile for your brand listing all main services. Multiple profiles can dilute authority and get messy.

    Include service details like features, pricing, and FAQs. Use keywords in titles and descriptions. Ask for reviews from happy customers.

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